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"De arte venandi cum avibus" - "The Art of Hunting with Birds" is one of the oldest books on falconry.

Friedrich II of Hohenstauffen wrote it about 800 years ago and descibed all aspects of falconry, which is still valid today. He documents in an impressive manner the acme of European falconry. It does not astonish that the German falconry language uses also today the medieval expressions like "Geschüh", "Haube", and so on.

The cradle of falconry is probably the South Asian steppe and was known long before the Nativity by the peoples of Assyria, Egypt, China, Japan, India and Central Asia.

Today the art of falconry is appreciated specially in the Arabien World, but also in Europe and America the tradition of falconry is increasing.


"Falkenhof" ("court of hawks") does not stand for a castle who's lord is a falconer, but means just the yard where the falcons were kept. In prior time this was the courtyard of a castle. Also today the hunting falcons are often kept in a courtyard, but the term "Falkenhof" is valid also for every small front garden or a large falconry centre.