Friedrich Wiehser &
Michaela Peterseil
3830 Waidhofen an der Thaya / Austria
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About Us

Friedrich Wiehser

Friedrich Wiehser started to be a falconer at the age of 14 at a bird of prey station in Lawer Austria. Besides his apprenticeship as artificial glazier, he persued his hobby more an more intensively, so that some time after completing his apprenticeship he turned his hippy into a profession. Falconry took him to Germany, England and Italy, among other places, where he was responsible for the breeding and hunting training of the birds of prey. After these years as a professional falconer, falconry became a hobby again and he increasingly began to fly his falcons in companies with his English Pointers, which he successfully bred himself. Later, a Saluki bitch was added as a hunting companion, with whom he founded his Saluki kennel (www.falconers-dream.com). Hunting trips took him to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy and even to Russia, where he was a welcome guest with his falcons and dogs.

He is always happy to pass on his many years of experience in training, keeping and breeding birds of prey. For this purpose he founded together with Michaela Peterseil the Österreichischer Jagdfalkenhof (Austrian hunting falcon station) in 2007, where he passionately passes on his knowledge and skills to interested parties
Since 2009 he breeds professionally falcons under the name "Falconers Dream".

Michaela Peterseil

Michaela Peterseil is an enthusiastic sighthound owner and came to falconry through her Saluki. As an Opera dramaturge, then legal assistant and now online shop owner (www.sofahund.at), she is responsible for administraion at the Österreichischer Jagdfalkenhof and helps with the training of the falcons, thus constantly expanding her knowledge.