Friedrich Wiehser &
Michaela Peterseil
3830 Waidhofen an der Thaya / Austria
M +43/664/143 4004
M +43/676/7302820
E office@jagdfalkenhof.at

ZVR 473834835

Falconry School

Falconry courses

We offer falconry lessons for newcomers. In our beginner course we present falconry in practice and theory and the correct handling of hawks:

  • care and keeping of hawks
  • falconry language
  • legal requirements in Austria
  • practices with the falcons as:
    standing on the fist, feeding on the fist, doing the falconer's knot, hooding, jumping to the fist and first training flights
  • making jesses and aylmeris
Time: 10 am to 5pm, including lunch break at 1pm

Place: Österreichischer Jagdfalkenhof, 3830 Waidhofen an der Thaya (Austria, Waldviertel, near CZ border)

How to arrive: by car very easy
by Public transport you can travel only to Waidhofen an der Thaya or Göpfritz (
on the course dates) where we can pick you up. Please tell us in advance!

Course dates

Tuesday, 15.08.2023 (holiday in Austria)
Saturday, 26.08.2023
Sunday, 10.09.2023
Sunday, 22.10.2023
Saturday, 11.11.2023 -> Sunday, 12.11.2023
Sunday, 10.12.2023
Sunday, 14.1.2024
--> new date: Sunday, 21.1.2024 (open only for 2 person)

in April and May we will offer special courses concerning falcon breeding and rearing.

Course language: German only
--> ask for an individual course in English

Costs: EUR 145,-- (including lunch)

Entry form:
Please send us the form with your dates via Email or post until one week before the course takes place!

Xmas - Christmas - vouchers

We offer also vouchers for our Falconry courses! The vouchers are valid thru January 2025.
Please send us an email office@jagdfalkenhof.at

individual lessons:

We offer also individual lessons for special problems as lure training or to correct behaviour problems of your falcon.
Just contact us - agreed price.

The falconry school is part of the society "Österreichischer Jagdfalkenhof".
ZVR 473834835