Falconry School

Falconry courses

We offer falconry lessons for newcomers. In our beginner course we present falconry in praxis and theory and the correct handling of hawks: care and keeping of hawks, falconry language, legal requirements in Austria, practices with the hawks of the our falconry centre as sitting on the fist, feeding on the fist, doing the falconer's knot, hooding, jumping to the fist and first training flights, doing jesses and aylmeris.

Course dates

At the moment we cannot offer any course dates.


Individual futher courses can be fixed, just ask us!

costs: EUR 145,-- (including lunch)
For further informations please send us an email.

We offer also individual lessions for special problems as lure training or to correct behaviour problems of your falcon.
Just contact us - agreed price.

The falconry school is part of the society "Österreichischer Jagdfalkenhof".
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